About Me
Hi, I'm Beep || Jill
I'm a 24 year old software developer from The Netherlands

Pronouns: she/they/it
Time Zone: CET/CEST


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My dad used to make websites for family back when I was little, He showed me how Microsoft Frontpage worked and how to make websites with it.

I Made my own website I Wish I still had the files for them, I Would upload it here in a heartbeat. Sadly the website stopped being hosted about 10 years ago when we switched ISP's

But this was in a time right before social media started gaining traction,
Of-course I got a Facebook account, And a Twitter one too! I Had to get with the times and keep up with family and school friends!
I Had arguments with classmates over Hyves

Then as I went through school, Forums, Chatroom's and specialized started dying off and the web was slowly turned into 5 websites which all combined into one big social machine
Now, right before I turn 24 (update: am 24 now) I realize this isn't the web I want, Sure the convenience and security has come miles but... Lots of information and interesting content now gets hidden behind timelines and algorithms

The Internet is an amazing place where you can find your own people, No matter where you live or grew up. It is a wonderful tool for people to connect and thrive.
Sadly, things like Web3 threaten the decentralized and free nature of the web, and turn it into nothing but a transaction nightmare.

If you feel inspired, Make an account on NeoCities (it's free) and make your own website.
Put on it whatever you want and don't be shy.
The web is yours.
Use it.

Sorry if this was all over the place, I'm not used to writing about things that matter to me.
Thank you for reading my page, It means a lot to me <3

- Beep