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1/1/2022 by @BeepSterr Back
1/1/2022 by @BeepSterr

New Year New Mobo

2022 already?? woah!! sick.
time is really weird and feels like it keeps going past faster and faster, which is cool.

SO OFCOURSE!! MY PC DECIDES TO STOP WORKING turns out, looked like either the motherboard or CPU was borked,
so I ordered a new motherboard (the only one that had next day shipping sdafusdfsd) and turns out that was the issue (WOO!)

so uh, back on track.. for the new year, my resolution is to learn to be more expressive and embrace my hobbies more! I tend to put them aside to appear more "clean" so i'm gonna try not giving a fuck about that!!

also, also!! my 3D printer came in, I'm probably gonna put it together in a couple days so i'll post some pictures when that happens

Thanks for stopping by!!