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She/It - Plush Toy

"Bei" is the result of a rogue witches curse. She spent her first years collecting dust on a shelf in the witches home, unable to move, speak or even hear bound by the witches curse to sit and watch. Until the witch died.
Then she regained the ability to move, hear and even speak, Although without the witches magicks there to sustain her she fell asleep after only an hour.

When she woke up, She realized that now she had to rely on others to provide the little energy she needed to stay animate. As she was held by her first owner.
Since then she embraced her role of being a gentle caregiver to anyone that finds her. No longer wishing to break free from the curse.
Media Description Author
Bei greets you!! @angelgashapon
Cursed into the form of a plush toy, unable to do anything but sit and watch. @engulfingdream
Bei re-adjusting to being able to move after years and learning to accept her new self ~CookieShark
Don't roll the obviously cursed die unless you /want/ another curse! ~HypnosisWolf
Bei's close to falling asleep... Again. oxIArtzipantsIxo
Somehow she ended up in a claw machine, Hopefully they won't keep restocking the machine without giving her a chance to be won... ~fanakfurry
Bei as a cute little keychain! ~punchtig3r