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Finite Netherite
A Small minecraft plugin that makes mending not work on netherite, and makes netherite break back into diamond when it runs out.

> SpigotMC
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> Github

A Minecraft (Spigot/Bukkit) plugin aiming to make keep-inventory gamerule a little more interesting by making it so you don't get to throw yourself off a cliff to go back home for free, You can configure the plugin to punish players in many ways for dying.

> SpigotMC
> Docs
> Github

Steam Linker
A Discord bot that converts steam links to embeds with more info and clickable links that skip the browser (Opens steam client directly, no more logging in on chrome!)

> Invite
> Top.GG
> Github
A Small personal screenshot/file sharing website. May open it to others later but currently only available for me and some close friends.

This website! (
My personal website where I try out things and stuff!

> Github


Discord bot that started out as a temporary channel bot that grew to be way more generic, Died when I couldn't host it due to lack of funds and the projects scale getting too large for me to enjoy working on it.

A small webserver + chrome addon for programatically getting info about your Google Play Music playing status. Made obsolete due to Google Play Music shutting down.
A Team Fortress 2 website with a focus on competitive resources and community servers, One of my first web projects back in 2014 that got some traction. Was shut down because I lost interest in TF2 and other better sites were built.

Lots, Lots more
Most things I make or experiment with never see the light of day (or anything other than a dusty private git repo). That doesn't mean you shouldn't make them though! I've made loads of small programs to help me do things, Heck even a Dead By Daylight bot that would farm bloodpoints by """playing""" killer really poorly.