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Welcome to my cool ass space. where I do cool shit all the time

I'll add more pages n stuff overtime so feel free to check back later!!!

bitchin (blog)
New Year New Mobo
The Move To Neo

current playlist



- updated playlist to june
- i know all the images on character page are borked, I'll fix them soon sorry about that


- updated playlist to march
- Added a central nav-bar up top
- Redid the characters page and removed names of unfinished ones
- Removed the shoutbox for now (didnt like how it looked on the page)
- Added this changelog (remembering what I did before was hard)
- added discord message form so you can spam me stupid things
- fixed [deploy] tag for deploying to neocities


- add meta & other vars to site.js with small lore hints


- Updated templating engine, deploying to neocities to make sure it still works


- Removed new years stuff


- Added new years stuff and new blog post


- Site created